【Download】 B5size Otter ATY 2022 Desktop Calendar
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【Download】 B5size Otter ATY 2022 Desktop Calendar

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--------------------------------------------- 2022 Desktop Calendar [Size] B5 Size [download] This item is a download item. Please do not make a mistake as it is not a delivery of the product. --------------------------------------------- [Important] ● If you cannot download the product, please email us. We will respond as soon as we can confirm it. ● [Be sure to check if you have received the e-mail after ordering] (Please check if you have received unsolicited e-mail or rejected e-mail.) --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- [Caution for deposit] ◎ Products will be arranged after payment. Please note that if payment is not made within 5 days, it will be canceled automatically. ◎ Papers will not be sent for convenience store payments, so please check the email number before making a payment at a convenience store. --------------------------------------------- [About delivery] * Since it will be sent by Kuroneko Mail, you cannot specify the time. ※※ Caution: Please be sure to read before ordering ※※ ◎ If you use a mobile phone email address such as a smartphone, you may not receive the reply email.